Provide a risk assessment of a cloud service using CCI

Provide a risk assessment of a cloud service using CCI

Value to the customer: Decide on the continued usage or decommissioning of cloud apps based on the identified CCI scores

Clicking on any of the apps shown opens the app specific details page that allows you to research individual applications and perform risk assessment.

This page displays app specific info such as:

  • Usage overview (by users, sessions, bytes downloaded / uploaded, first accessed)
  • App trending information (viewable in table or graph format)
  • Activities supported
  • Pricing details (when available)Business risk
  • GDPR Readiness
  • Similar apps by session
  • HQ location
  • Categories
  • CCI details
  • Notes
  • Ability to download the page as a PDF report
  • Specific indicator messages for Activities Supported, such as Risk Insights only, activities supported by the universal connector
  • Application breach indicator displays the breach name, date, and source (also included in the PDF reports).

By clicking on the categories section, different categories that are used to assess the risk profile of the app are displayed, such as, Certifications and standards, Data protection, Access control, Auditability, Disaster recovery and business continuity, Legal and privacy, and Vulnerabilities and exploits.


Each of these categories has a weight in the calculation of CCI.  Each app is evaluated for enterprise readiness by assigning a number between 1 and 100 (CCI). Based on the CCI value, enterprise readiness and risk profile of the app can be understood.

Click here for more information on Vendor risk assessment and CCI.

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Provide a risk assessment of a cloud service using CCI

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