Install and Configure the Netskope Adapters

Install and Configure the Netskope Adapters

To install the Netskope Adapters:

  1. Open the NSAdapters.msi file to install the Netskope Adapters. Click Run and then click Next. During installation it prompts you to enter the username to be used for installation.


    The format entered must be <domain-name>\<username> and password.

    When finished, click Next.

  2. Select one or more features to be installed on the local hard drive. By default only the Directory Importer is chosen, so if you want AD Connector and DNS Connector, click on the toggle arrow for these features and select the option you want, like Will be installed on local hard drive. When finished, click Install.

The Services will be installed under the username provided during the installation.

If the message below is encountered, fix the format of the username entered in the above dialog to this <domain-name>\<username>format.



The services are not started until the features are configured at least once.

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Install and Configure the Netskope Adapters

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