About Cloud Exchange

About Cloud Exchange

Cloud Exchange (CE) comes with four primary feature modules that can be turned on or off as needed: Log Shipper, Ticket Orchestrator, Threat Exchange, and Risk Exchange. Risk Exchange has two workflows, User Risk Exchange and Application Risk Exchange.

CE is supported by Netskope, but individual plugins leverage functionality provided by 3rd-party partners. While CE comes at no cost to users, CE will only work if the attached system(s) is configured with entitlements that enable the applicable API queries and data flows.

Each plugin’s software and subscription requirements are defined in each respective configuration guide. This guide focuses on the complete CE platform with the four primary modules. There are three privilege levels in CE, Admin (full privileges), Write-access User (mid-range privileges) and User (limited privileges).

To learn about the Cloud Exchange release updates, go to Netskope Cloud Exchange Release Notes.


To keep your instance of Cloud Exchange up-to-date, go to Settings > General and click the Check for updates radio button as shown here.

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About Cloud Exchange

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