Secrets Manager

Secrets Manager

Secrets Manager can be configured by a user with write privileges. When configured, users can configure Netskope tenants, custom plugin repositories, and plugins using secrets from their configured Secrets Manager.

Configure Secrets Manager

  1. Go to Settings > General > Secret Manager.
  2. By default, the Secrets Manager is disabled. Enable the Secrets Manager toggle.
  3. Leave the default value for the Secrets Manager. HashiCorp is currently the only option.
  4. Provide the Vault URL and Namespace.
  5. Select an authentication method. Currently supported authentication methods are:
  6. Provide the required parameters for the selected authentication method and click Save.

Using Secrets Manager

When configured, users can provide paths of secrets from their configured Secrets Manager instead of directly providing the passwords. This will be applicable for all the password fields.


You still have the option to directly provide the password value instead of the secret path by disabling the toggle.

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Secrets Manager

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