Install Cloud Exchange on Ubuntu

Install Cloud Exchange on Ubuntu

Only an Admin should install Cloud Exchange. The docker images are available on docker-hub. The setup script will check for prerequisites and connectivity.


Ensure that the most up-to-date version of docker is installed on the host prior to installing or upgrading Cloud Exchange.

For guidance on how to back-up your data and files for restoration after a clean install, or for disaster recovery, read this article: Backup Cloud Exchange.

To install Cloud Exchange:

  1. Please review and ensure that all host and connectivity requirements have been validated before starting the install.
  2. Clone the netskopeoss/ta_cloud_exchange public Github repository to a volume with at least 40 GB of open storage. Always clone to any folder other than /usr/local to avoid a conflict within Docker.
    $ mkdir netskope
    $ cd netskope
    $ git clone
    $ cd ta_cloud_exchange


If you are a Beta user, run the following command during Step 2 to download the beta version of a release instead of the git clone command shown above:

$ git clone -b beta

During step 2, while executing the setup script, opt IN to beta to use the beta code rather than the default action of searching for the latest GA version.

  1. Execute the setup script and follow the steps:

$ python3 ./setup

  1. Special characters (including, but not limited to “#”, “$”, “/”, etc.) are not supported when setting the maintenance password for CE. Some of the processes do not work and will cause system failures if you use special characters.
  2. Only use alphanumeric values for the maintenance password used by the JWT token.
  3. Launch Cloud Exchange 4.x:

$ ./start

The Cloud Exchange UI is now accessible with the system’s IP (https://<ip>).

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Install Cloud Exchange on Ubuntu

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