Upgrading to the Latest Version of Cloud Exchange

Upgrading to the Latest Version of Cloud Exchange

To preserve existing data (indicators, plugin configurations) while migrating from any version of Cloud Exchange to a newer version, follow the steps below.


Before you begin, grab the MONGO_DB password from the old setup. This is required during the installation of the new setup (as the value for Maintenance Password). If the Mongo password is lost, the data will not be retained.

The MongoDB password can be found in docker-compose.yml file (value of MONGODB_PASSWORD), or in the .env file (value of MONGODB_PASSWORD). Both of these files are in the /ta_cloud_exchange directory. Use this as the value for the Maintenance Password while running the setup.


Before upgrading, updating all your Netskope tenants with a V2 token that has access to all the dataexport endpoints is recommended.

  1. Go to the existing ta_cloud_exchange directory with the docker-compose.yml file. Stop the Cloud Exchange containers.
  2. If the output of the ./stop command is ./stop: No such file or directory, execute the following command:
    docker-compose stop
  3. If you have made any local changes to the docker-compose.yml file, reset those using (you might need sudo):
    git reset --hard
  4. Pull the latest changes (you might need sudo):
    git pull
  5. Execute the setup script (you might need sudo):
    python3 ./setup
  6. Launch Cloud Exchange (do not use sudo):


Close all of your Cloud Exchange browser instances and log in again in Incognito mode, or clear the browser cache before logging in.

The Cloud Exchange UI is now accessible with the system’s IP (https://<ip>).

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