Mapping a Business Rule to a Workflow Queue

Mapping a Business Rule to a Workflow Queue

Users can link business rules to ITSM queues or already existing in the plugged-in system but learned by TO so that ITSM can instantiate tickets at different places on a single ITSM platform without creating multiple configurations in TO. It can also be used to link alerts to notifications if the notification plug-in is enabled. Users can perform actions on a list of queues.

  1. Go to Ticket Orchestrator.
  2. Click Queues. The Queue configuration list is paginated with a default business rule count of 10 or less.
  3. You can select business rules and the configuration associated with the queue, and also add mappings to map Netskope alert fields values with third party fields. Click Save to add the queue configuration.
  4. You can Edit, Sync, and Delete queues.

Synchronizing Queues

Synchronizing queues enables you to view the impact of executing that business rule would have on the total ticket counts. Select the timeframe to use when evaluating the business rule against the alerts in the database, and then click Fetch. If the number of tickets that would be created seems unacceptably high, modify the rule to have greater filtering, and thus fewer matches.


If the count is acceptable, click Sync to create tickets based on the range of alerts that is now being evaluated against the newly created rule.

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Mapping a Business Rule to a Workflow Queue

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