User Provisioning with Secure LDAP and JumpCloud

User Provisioning with Secure LDAP and JumpCloud

This document is for Netskope users who do not have Active Directory and want to provision users and groups from JumpCloud automatically and to use them in Real-time Protection policies.

Netskope Directory Importer can be deployed and service configured to run under a local admin account to connect to the JumpCloud LDAP service. The Directory Importer requires user credentials and certificates from JumpCloud to establish a secure LDAP connection to read user and group information.

This applies to both Cloud App or Web Netskope tenants. The steps to provision users with secure LDAP and JumpCloud are:

  • Review the prerequisites
  • Create LDAP Binding User in JumpCloud
  • Download JumpCloud certificates
  • Import the JumpCloud LDAP server certificate into Windows
  • Install Netskope Directory Importer
  • Configure Netskope Directory Importer
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