Reverse Proxy as a Service for AODocs

Reverse Proxy as a Service (RPaaS) for AODocs

This topic illustrates the steps required to configure Reverse Proxy as a Service (RPaaS) for AODocs.


Pre-configure Google Account to Netskope SAML Proxy / Reverse Proxy

Configuring RPaaS for AODocs

  1. Log in to Google Admin Console page.

  2. Go to Apps > Google Workspace Marketplace apps > Apps List

  3. Click INSTALL APP.

    RPaaS - AODocs Google Workspace Install App
  4. Search for AODocs and then install AODocs

    In the pop-up for confirmation, click Admin Install and continue installing AODocs.

  5. Once installed, AODocs will appear in the Apps list as well as in the Google apps.

    AODocs listed in Apps List
    AODocs listed in Google Apps

Accessing AODocs via Reverse Proxy

SP-Initiated flow is not currently available with AODocs via Reverse Proxy.
  1. Login to Google Account (Make sure Google account is accessed via Reverse Proxy).

  2. Click on Google App Grid, scroll down and click on AODocs icon and select the Google Account.

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Reverse Proxy as a Service for AODocs

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