Configure Reverse Proxy in Netskope

Configure Reverse Proxy in Netskope
  1. Log in to your Netskope tenant and go to Settings > Security Cloud PlatformReverse Proxy > SAML.
  2. Click on Add Account and select G Suite for the App. Enter a name.
  3. For the ACS URL, enter your<yourdomain>/acs. For example:
  4. For the IDP URL, go back to the OKTA>Setup SSO document. Find the Sign in page URL and copy that entry. Paste that on the Netskope SAML setup screen under IDP URL.
  5. For the IDP certificate, open the certificate using notepad that you have uploaded to google in previous steps. Copy the IDP certificate and paste in the Netskope SAML setup screen.

    It will look like this. Click Save.

  6. Go to your Netskope console under the SAML settings, click on the + icon beside the entry. Copy the Proxy ACS URL.
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