SAML Client Profile

SAML Client Profile

The Client SSO integration allows organizations to enforce steering cloud application traffic to Netskope’s cloud for very precise and granular analysis. If the Netskope Client is not present or disabled on the endpoint, the user is redirected from the SSO portal to Netskope’s agent checker and the Client installation and activation is enforced. SAML proxy is required to steer the end user to the agent checker. Admins must configure the SAML proxy with the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL, Identity Provider (IdP) URL, and IdP Certificate.

Click Add Account to set up the SAML proxy. Refer to the details under the SAML/Reverse proxy tab to see the Netskope Organization ID, Netskope SAML Proxy IdP URL, Netskope SAML Proxy ACS URL, and the Netskope SAML Proxy Issuer Certificate. You must have this information to complete the set up of your Identity Provider and Cloud App Service Provider.

Click Add Account  to add information to set up access.

For the Alternate User ID Field, Netskope looks at the NameID field in the SAML Assertion to get the user identity. If you would like to use another field for user identification, then enter the name of the SAML Attribute in this field.

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SAML Client Profile

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