Netskope Client Configuration

Netskope Client Configuration

You can configure system-wide settings using the Client Configuration dialog box. To access client configuration pages:

  1. Log in to your tenant with admin credentials.

  2. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Netskope Client > Client Configuration.

  3. Click New Client Configuration to add a new global configuration.

    Additional configurations can be created to obtain granular control over the behavior of the Netskope Client at a group or OU level by creating a new configuration. If these configurations are applied to groups, they must be prioritized to determine which configuration is applied to the Client when there is an overlap in group membership.


  • Multiple configurations can be created and applied to different OUs or Groups. But when applying a configuration only one OU or User Group can be selected.
  • The Client configuration name cannot exceed 40 characters.

Applies To

01 Clientconfig Appliesto.png

Select OU (Organizational Unit) or the User Group to which this configuration will be applied. You can apply the configuration either to the OU or the user group but not to both at the same time. If a user is part of multiple groups, the configuration is applied to first group in the configuration list.

For example: John Doe is part of HR-Group and Sales-Group. The organization creates Config-A and Config-B and applies to HR-Group and Sales-Group respectively. If in the list of configurations, HR-Group is listed above Sales-Group, then only the Config-A settings are applied to John Doe. The settings in Config-B is applied to all users in Sales-Group except John Doe. The Default Config is then applied to all users who are not part of HR-Group and Sales-Group. To apply the configuration to John Doe in Sales-Group, use the reorder handles (first column dot-icons) to drag and reposition the configuration.

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Tunnel Settings(Earlier Termed as Traffic Steering)

Endpoint DLP

Client Installation & Troubleshooting


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