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This article provides instructions to deploy Netskope Client on Android and Chrome OS devices using Google Workspace.

Using Google endpoint management, you can manage devices in your organization and allow employees to access Google Workspace account from their personal or company-owned devices. At the same time, you can deploy mobile apps and set policies to secure the employee devices. To learn more, view Manage Devices.

Supported OS and Platform

Refer to Netskope Client Supported OS and Platform to understand the supported versions for Android.

Deploy Netskope Client in Android Devices

With Google Workspace, you can configure and deploy Netskope Client for Android devices by adding configuration profiles. 

You can configure the tenant name in Apps > Web and mobile apps > Netskope Client > Managed Configurations. Click Add Managed Configuration to create a new configuration.

Add Netskope Client App

Before you select configurations to add in your tenant, download the Netskope Client app to your Google Workspace.

To install Client in an Android device:

  1. Log into your Google Workspace account.

  2. Go to Apps > Web and mobile apps.

  3. Click Add Apps and search for apps. Enter Netskope Client.

  4. Point to the Netskope Client app and click Select.

  5. Select the users that can install Netskope Client from the managed Google Play store.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Configure app options based on the app platform.

  8. Click Finish.

  9. The Web and mobile apps UI displays the Netskope Client app after you add the app to Workspace.

To learn more about adding an application, view Adding a third-party app.

Add Managed Configurations

After you download the Netskope app, add the desired configurations to include your tenant name.

  1. In your Google Workspace account, go to Apps > Web and mobile apps.

  2. Click Netskope Client. This opens the app details page for Netskope Client.

  3. Click Managed Configurations > Add Managed Configuration.

  4. Provide the configuration name and other configuration details. For example,

    "User Email Address":"<Your Email Address>",
    Android does not support the “email address” macro and users need to manually authenticate when enrolling as shown in the preceding example. Android  supports injecting a specific email address when distributing apps for a specified single user. ChromesOS is able to auto enroll by injecting an email address from MDM.
  5. Click Save.

To learn more about managed configuration, view Android Apps with Managed Configuration.

Deploy Netskope Client in Chrome OS

Using Google admin console, you can manage policies and settings for Chromebooks and devices with ChromeOS. The app configurations can be set on Google Admin Console in JSON format. To learn more, view Manage ChromeOS Devices.

Add Netskope Client App

This section enables you to add Netskope Client and configure it in Google Play.

  1. Log into your Workspace account.

  2. Go to Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & Browsers.

  3. Apply Users, Groups, and Organizational Units settings.

  4. Click + and find the Netskope Client app from Google Play.

  5. Click Select.

  6. The Users & Browsers tab displays the Netskope Client app.

To learn more, view Apps & Extensions.

Add Managed Configurations

In this section, you can configure certain policies while enabling Netskope Client. Perform the following instructions:

  1. In your Google Workspace account, go to Devices > Chrome > Apps & Extensions > Users & Browsers.

  2. Click the Netskope Client app. It opens a separate pane on the right side of the screen. Provide the following details:

    • Installation Policy: Choose the policy while installing applications.

    • Managed Configuration, you can use one of the following configurations while provisioning:

      "User Email Address":"${USER_EMAIL}",


${USER_EMAIL} is automatically substituted by the specific ChromeOS account user email.

To learn more, view Policy for extensions.

IdP Enrollment Workflow in Android and Chrome OS Devices

The following steps illustrate the client deployment and enrollment workflow in Android devices and ChromeOS.

  1. Visit the Google Play Store and download Netskope Client.

  2. Install Netskope Client. After the installation is complete, a pop-up is displayed to the user to enter the tenant name and select the tenant domain as shared with the user by their respective IT.

  3. Click Next to continue with enrollment. User is redirected to their IdP login screen. Authentication status message is displayed in the browser.

  4. Once the user enrollment is complete, the Client will initiate configuration download and establish tunnel.

  5. After the Client is connected, user can click the mobile menu icon (3 vertical dots in the top right corner of the client) for options to view configuration details.

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