Squid Proxy

Squid Proxy

Squid Proxy is a web proxy cache server application that supports Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol, and so on. These are installed on a separate server with the original files and work by caching and reusing the frequently visited web pages.

This document contains the best practices required in Squid Proxy and Netskope Client to ensure smooth interoperability.


  • Squid Proxy Version: 3.5.12
  • Netskope Client version: 111.0.0
  • OS: Windows 10

Interoperability Configuration Requirements

Specific configurations in Squid Proxy and Netskope tenant web UI ensure processes or traffic from either of the applications are not blocked or directed to the Netskope Cloud.

Configurations In Squid Proxy and Netskope Client

  • Squid proxy can be used in the PAC file manually or added to client configuration as a static proxy. When Admin configures the proxies as static proxies in the WebUI, the client receives changes from WebUI as part of the configuration update.
  • Netskope client uses externally configured proxies only when a proxy is detected on the system. A proxy health check is carried out to identify reachable proxies and only reachable proxies are used to make addon connections.
  • NS Client sets interception filters to all configured proxies at web UI and system configured proxies. NS Client will no longer rely on the health checks of configured proxies.

Verifying Interoperability

Netskope Client Functions

Refer to the list of validated use cases that you can use to verify Client operations.

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Squid Proxy

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