Uninstalling the Netskope Client

Uninstalling the Netskope Client

This section describes various options to uninstall the Client from end-user devices.


Client uninstallation does not automatically remove tenant certificates. For more related details, reach out to Netskope support.

Uninstalling Password Protected Clients via JAMF or SCCM

To uninstall password-protected clients, you can use JAMF uninstall script or Windows batch script.

Uninstalling macOS Clients using Script in JAMF

Use the jamfuninstall_v2.sh script available for download as part of JAMF scripts in the Downloads section of the Support portal. When using this script for uninstalling, enter your password as the fourth parameter in the JAMF policy.


Auto-removal of extensions is currently supported only from release 95.1.2 onwards and not for versions prior to 95.1.2. However, when creating profiles in JAMF, selecting the Removable System Extension option under the System Extension Type option will prevent user approval requests during manual Client un-installation. This is applicable for macOS Monterey (version 12) and later.

Uninstalling Windows Clients using Script in SCCM

@echo off
REM This batch file is used to uninstall Password protected Netskope Client from SCCM
for /f "tokens=2 delims==" %%f in ('wmic product where "Name like 'Netskope Client'" get IdentifyingNumber /value ^| find "="') do set "productCode=%%f"
IF DEFINED productCode (    
     msiexec /uninstall %productCode% PASSWORD="<password in plain text within quotes>" /qn /l*v %PUBLIC%nscuninstall.log   
     ) ELSE (    
REM Did not find product code for Netskope Client

Uninstalling the Client using GPO Scripts

Uninstalling can be done through GPO using a batch script similar to installation. The uninstallation script is:

wmic product where name="Netskope Client" call uninstall

Uninstalling Client in a macOS Device

The following options list the steps to uninstall Netskope Client in your macOS device:

Option 1

  1. Go to Applications and click the Remove Netskope Client icon.
  2. Enter your credentials to proceed with the uninstallation of the client.


When uninstalling Netskope Client on devices running Big Sur (macOS 11), users are prompted to enter their credentials twice to uninstall the Network extension app proxy and to remove the Netskope client.

Option 2

Create a shell script (for example, uninstall.sh) using the following command and execute it on the user’s device to uninstall the client.

/Applications/Remove\ Netskope\ Client.app/Contents/MacOS/Remove\ Netskope\ Client uninstall_me exit


Add a blank space before Netskope and Client in this script.

Uninstalling Client in Windows

Use the Add or Remove Programs option in the Windows control panel to uninstall the Client.

Uninstall Client in Linux

Use the command sudo /opt/netskope/stagent/uninstall.sh to uninstall Netskope Client in Linux.

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Uninstalling the Netskope Client

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