Netskope Release Notes

Netskope Release Notes

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Netskope products are updated periodically. This page is your central location to get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates. Get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates here.

Netskope Cloud Release Notes

The Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope Cloud Release Notes is the mainline release.

Netskope Private Access Publisher Release Notes

Netskope Private Access (NPA) is part of the Netskope security cloud and enables zero-trust secure access to private enterprise applications in Hybrid IT.

Get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates here.

Netskope IPS Threat Content Release Notes

Netskope Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) (formerly known as Client Traffic Exploit Prevention or CTEP) scans network traffic to find and prevent vulnerability exploits like malicious applications or services that try to affect your network.

Get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates here.

Netskope Cloud Exchange Release Notes

The Netskope Cloud Exchange (CE) platform was created to make it easier to use customer-specific data to reduce the workload for security operators. CE does this by managing a limited set of automation actions against a small database or specific datasets, depending. CE is run as an extensible platform with core code and plugins that are installed inside a Linux Docker environment maintained by each customer.

Get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates here.

Netskope IoT Security Release Notes

Extend zero trust to the Internet of Things (IoT) environments while discovering, managing, and securing internet connected IoT devices in your hybrid enterprise.

The IoT security solution utilizes HyperContext, an agentless smart device security platform providing granular device context, and TruID, a unique device identifier and authenticity rating technology, to discover managed and unmanaged devices on your corporate network. The solution analyzes hundreds of parameters from the discovered devices and leverages the rich contextual intelligence for device classification, risk assessment, granular access control and network segmentation, facilitating zero trust security for IoT devices.

Get the latest release notes here. You will find the latest bug fixes, new features, enhancements and known issues.

Netskope Digital Experience Management Release Notes

Digital Experience Management (DEM) provides insight into the performance of applications that are managed through the Netskope cloud. You can monitor the traffic speeds from your Netskope tenant and identify latency issues. Using real user traffic monitoring and analysis, you can improve user experience.

Here is a list of current and historical release notes for Digital Experience Management (DEM). The release notes are in order of the latest version.

Netskope Advanced Analytics Release Notes

Netskope Advanced Analytics helps organizations understand and manage their exposure to cloud risks by providing a 360° view of activity throughout the Netskope platform.

Netskope Advanced Analytics transforms the way security operations teams apply data-driven insights to implement better policies. Get answers to your questions about app usage, data movement, and user behaviors. With Advanced Analytics, you can identify trends, zero in on areas of concern and use the data to take action.

Use a library of pre-built dashboards designed for visualizing risk factors such as data loss, geolocation of data, and insider activity to identify where the problems lie.

Get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates:


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