New Features and Enhancements April 11, 2024

New Features and Enhancements April 11, 2024

SSPM Evaluation Results Data Collection (GA Controlled)

The “SSPM Evaluation Results” data collection is available in Advanced Analytics as a GA controlled feature; you can now create, schedule, and download reports in the SSPM UI via Netskope Advanced Analytics.

This feature introduces the “SaaS Security Posture Management” and “SaaS Security Posture Management – Compliance” dashboards in the Advanced Analytics Netskope Library.

You will need the Advanced Analytics license and SSPM enabled to populate data for the dashboards and in the data explorer. Contact your Netskope account team to enable this feature in your account.

To learn more: SaaS Security Posture Management Dashboard

Dashboard Enhancements

The following dashboards in the library with Period Over Period dashboard filters are now updated to default on results as of the month of March, 2024 (last complete month) as compared to results for February, 2024.

  • CISO Dashboard

  • CISO Dashboard with Top OUs

  • Data Protection

  • Security Operations

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New Features and Enhancements April 11, 2024

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