New Features and Enhancements July 13, 2023

New Features and Enhancements July 13, 2023

The following enhancements are included in this release:

Insider Threat Dashboard in Netskope Library changes:

The Trend line has been removed for the following widgets:

  • Trend of Uploads to Non-Corporate instances
  • Trend # Users with Bulk Upload Alerts
  • Trend # Users with Bulk Download Alerts
  • Trend of Shared Credentials Alerts
  • Trend of User Coaching Page Proceed Responses
  • Trend of DLP Violations
  • Trend of Malicious Site Alerts
  • Trend of Compromised Credentials Alerts

Threat Protection Dashboard changes:

  • For the widgets below, the widget level filter ‘access method’ is modified to include all CASB API Connector traffic:
  • Malware detections in managed apps
  • Top 10 Users with Malware in Managed Apps
  • Top 10 Managed Apps Containing Malware
  • Malware in Managed Apps Details
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