New Features and Enhancements March 30, 2023

New Features and Enhancements March 30, 2023

Netskope has planned infrastructure maintenance for multiple management planes starting Thursday, March 30, 2023. During this time, Netskope will make changes to Advanced Analytics. Changes will be visible in your account based on your upgrade date and region.

DLP Incidents Monitoring Dashboard Improvements

  • Count of object with DLP violations is now aggregated based on the ‘Object_id’ field; this change will provide an object aggregation method consistent with the DLP incidents page on the admin console UI.
  • Trend of DLP incidents by Creation Date is modified to include count of users, object with DLP incidents.
  • DLP Incidents – Resolution Time table now includes the ‘Acting User’ and ‘Assignee’ fields.

Shared Library Dashboard Improvements

  • SaaS Visibility Dashboard – When using the gauge chart type from the widget menu for ‘% of Apps with Poor Trust Score’, it now displays correctly.
  • Coaching Policy Dashboard – The ‘Justification Reason Information for Blocked users’ widget title name was updated for conciseness.
  • Unsanctioned IaaS Summary – The text box is resized to show the full sentence at the top of the dashboard.

Threat Protection Dashboard CTEP Language Change to IPS

All occurrences of the word “CTEP” are now changed to “IPS”. In addition, any filters and queries will also reflect the language change.

Application Activity Summary Library – Filter Removal

The “Organization Unit Level1 is not null” filter is no longer available in the Application Activity Summary library > Organization Unit & Application Instance by Total Size of Files widget.

Organizations that do not have org units set up in their environment can get errors for scheduled reports and ad-hoc dashboards when using this filter.


Remove this filter from your saved dashboards / widgets or you will get an error.

DUNS ID Field Change

The ‘DUNS ID’ field is no longer supported and is removed from Explorer. In addition, this field is removed from widgets and dashboards.


Remove this field from any saved dashboards / widgets or you will get an error.

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New Features and Enhancements March 30, 2023

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