New Features and Enhancements for Virtual Appliance Version

New Features and Enhancements for Virtual Appliance Version

The Virtual Appliance can be used as a Secure Forwarder to steer traffic, as a log parser to discover cloud apps in your environment, or as a Dataplane On-Premises appliance (DPoP) to act as a proxy server. Here are the new features and enhancements for this release.

Added alerts for auto-update

Added Auto_upgrade_status alert to indicate the status of automatically configured upgrades on an Appliance, and added the Storage-upgrade-partition. To learn more, go to OPLP Alerts and Event Descriptions.

Removed unused partitions alerts

Deprecated the following alarms for unused partitions on the Appliance:

  • Storage-lcmysql-partition
  • Storage-lckafkabroker-partition
  • Storage-lcmongo-event-partition
Removed usused alerts

Deprecated the following unused alerts:

  • Event_flow_from_device
  • Mongodb_status
  • MySql_status
  • Mongos_status
  • Storage-1a
  • Log_Process-4
  • Log_Process-5a
  • Log_Process-5b
  • Log_Process-5c
Prevent appliance upgrades from versions that are more than two versions older

Appliance software upgrades will be supported from N-2 source software versions only, where N is the target version. This functionality will be supported from Appliance Release 103 as the source software version.

Multiple SAML IDPs Enhancements

Added the options to obtain the legacy ACS URL formant and the ability to control the user authentication domain refresh interval.

Block WebDAV Access

Netskope Cloud Real-time Protection policies now provide access control to WebDAV traffic, by providing the ability to configure WebDAV extension methods under HTTP header profiles.

To learn more: HTTP Header Profile.


This is currently a limited availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature.

On-Premises Central Authority Support for TLS Decryption

You can now connect to the on-prem hosted HSM/key manager to get the proxy emulated certificate signed for TLS decryption without uploading or providing an intermediate certificate/key to Netskope.

To learn more: Certificates


This is a Controlled General Availability (formerly known as Limited Availability) feature. Contact your Netskope sales representative or support to enable this on your tenant.

Enhanced dnsmap config maintenance

Graceful cleanup of DNS entries when containers go down.

Use EOF to exit nsshell

You can now use EOF (^D / ctrl+D) to exit the Appliance nsshell.

Increase Syslogng connection limit

The maximum concurrent Syslog connections for OPLP has increased to 512.

Warnings generated during debug-package creation

Syntax warnings not generated during creation of an Appliance debug package.

Export/Import between Appliances

Exporting configurations from physical appliances to virtual appliances is supported for OPLP.

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New Features and Enhancements for Virtual Appliance Version

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