New Features and Enhancements for Virtual Appliance Version 96.0.0

New Features and Enhancements for Virtual Appliance Version 96.0.0

Instance Identification

Netskope supports instance identification for all authentication traffic to Google Accounts or Services and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This feature is available while logging in through Console and Command Line Interface (CLI) based on Login Domain or Service Account. Google Workspace Application is renamed to Google Accounts.

Support for Additional File Types

This release includes support for over 30 additional file types accessible through the DLP file filter. A few of these include:

  • JSON documents
  • XML Common Biometric Format (XCBF) files
  • Microsoft Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files
  • Microsoft Equation Editor object files
  • iOS App Store Package files
  • Kingsoft WPS document, spreadsheet, and presentation files

DLP Inspection

Added support for DLP inspection of Git Pack files.

Content Package Upgrade

Content package upgrades are only available on compatible Appliance software versions. If the major version of the Appliance software image is the same as the major version of the content package, then the content packages are compatible.

GCP Appliance Image

Appliance VM is available in GCP.

Appliance IPv6 Support for Network Connectivity

IPv6 network connectivity for OPLP is supported on the Virtual Appliance. In addition to previously supported IPv4 networks, an OPLP Virtual Appliance image can be deployed with dp1 in the IPv6 network and dp2 in an IPv4 network.

Using Syslog, the client’s log files can be uploaded to the Appliance on the dp1 interface. The interface between the Appliance and the Netskope Cloud remains the same. To configure IPv6 on dp1, refer to the updated CLI.

Caveats include:

  • IPv6 only supports OPLP log upload functionality
  • No IPv6 DHCP support
  • No IPv6 log parser support
  • No DPOP support
  • No CDPP support
  • No Physical Appliance support
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New Features and Enhancements for Virtual Appliance Version 96.0.0

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