New Features And Enhancements In Version 3.3.1

New Features And Enhancements In Version 3.3.1

Cloud Exchange 3.3.1 maintenance release includes several vulnerability patches to the Docker base image. To upgrade, go to Settings > General and select Check For Update. If you are still on any version prior to 3.1, upgrade to 3.3 by following instructions in Migrating from CE 2.x to CE 3.x

  • Admin is prompted for an option email address while initial installation.
  • CTO business rules Test now displays the count of deduped tickets.
  • Added search functionality for business rules.
  • Added additional columns to the business rule tables.
  • Added button for copying business rules.
  • Added between filter operator for easier filtering between two dates.
  • Most columns are now sortable.
  • Change alert related log messages to provide more information.
  • Renamed Polling Interval to Synchronize Interval.
Vulnerability Reports
  • Core: Total: 0 (UNKNOWN: 0, LOW: 0, MEDIUM: 0, HIGH: 0, CRITICAL: 0)
  • UI: Total: 2 (UNKNOWN: 0, LOW: 0, MEDIUM: 0, HIGH: 2, CRITICAL: 0)


The vulnerabilities are in the “nginx:alpine” base image.

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