New Product Available – Netskope Cloud Firewall

New Product Available – Netskope Cloud Firewall

Netskope Cloud Firewall (CFW) is a firewall-as-a-service offering that helps reduce complexity, lower overall operational expenses, prevent a degraded user experience, and accelerate time-to-value for organizations transforming their security and networking to meet the demands of branch offices and a remote-first workforce.

Netskope Cloud Firewall is fully integrated into the Netskope Security Cloud and offers:

  • Network security for all outbound ports and protocols for safe, direct-to-internet access using the Netskope client on managed devices or via GRE and IPSec tunnels for offices.
  • 5-tuple policy controls, user and group IDs, FQDNs, and wildcards for egress firewall settings, plus seamless FTP ALG support, and full logging (TCP, UDP, ICMP) with event export.
  • Centralized access control, providing simplified management for users and branch offices using one console, one policy engine, and one security platform.
  • Netskope Security Cloud integrates CFW with SWG, CASB, and ZTNA solutions for users and offices, to provide protection to all ports and protocols.


Contact Netskope support to enable CFW in your account. CFW is available with IPSec, GRE, and Windows 10 Netskope Client. You can download the Netskope client (with cloud firewall support) from the Netskope support site located here (requires a login).

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New Product Available – Netskope Cloud Firewall

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