Known Issues In Release 101.0.0

Known Issues In Release 101.0.0

Here is the list of known issues in this release.

Issue NumberCategoryDescription
235923Cloud FirewallReal-time Protection policies using the following applications will not take effect: DNS, EPM, Iodine, Redis, SIP, SMB, SMTP, SQLI.

Rules should not be configured with them or they may need to be modified in the future.

232001Cloud FirewallThe Cloud Firewall backend uses the “inner” IP address of the endpoint machine along with tunnel IDs to identify the source client machine for an account. Traffic from different client machines are also load balanced onto different Kubernetes pods to avoid overload.

If Mac client IP addresses and tunnel IDs are indistinguishable due to pod overload, this can cause disruption and pods may drop packets resulting in timeouts for client requests.

232516Cloud FirewallDNS event traffic is incorrectly displaying “Shopping” as the category in Skope IT > Network Events.
202074DNS SecurityThe number of hits for DNS policies in real-time protection page is not accurately reflecting the number of alerts generated for DNS traffic. No workaround is found for this issue.
212330Platform ServicesWhen a policy is moved from one group to another and reverted Pending Changes is empty as expected, but the icon is displayed.
210335Platform ServicesWhen an admin without permission to Real-time Protection Policy page edits the Policy Group, undefined policy group picker component is displayed.
201980Platform ServicesForward Proxy page should be set to View, for IPSec and GRE pages to work as expected with Manage privilege.
205384Platform ServicesThe request to load pending differences modal time out when there are large number of of policies with pending differences.
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Known Issues In Release 101.0.0

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