Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 92.1.0

Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 92.1.0

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release.

Issue IDProduct CategoryIssue Description
157577Netskope Private Access (NPA)SAML reverse proxy settings entries for Browser Access are no longer visible in the release version 92.0.0. This issue is now fixed.
6452Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed an RBI issue that blocked the current isolation session without releasing it, due to a bogus management of Asian UTF8 characters. This resulted in a session limit error and a few Asian characters missing in tooltips corresponding to Asian isolated pages. To fix this issue, UTF management was revisited to include the missing characters from the most relevant Asian languages.
159091Traffic SteeringThe Netskope client was unable to establish the tunnel after upgrading to Client version 92 as the Netskope driver was not started. The Netskope driver is configured to start automatically when the system starts to fix this issue.
150448Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where AnyConnect tunnel flaps (disconnects and connects) when config update occurs.
129899Traffic SteeringFixed an infrequent crash in Netskope Client. The crash could have occurred while the Netskope client is terminating the connection to the Netskope gateway.
135434Traffic SteeringThis fix is applicable to only Always On, Always Connected (AOAC) devices. Netskope client will disconnect tunnel upon AOAC device display off and connect back upon AOAC device display on the event. This feature can be controlled by a feature flag m_enableAOACSupport. By default, m_enableAOACSupport is set to false.

If m_enableAOACSupport is:

  • Enabled/ true – The Netskope client will not disconnect the tunnel upon display off event.
  • Disabled/ false – The Netskope client will disconnect the tunnel upon display off event and connect back on display on the event.
135783Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where IP exceptions with explicit proxy did not bypass Mac OS Big Sur and above.
139999Traffic SteeringThe self-protection feature intercepts all types of registry accesses. This causes the system to freeze during the system wakeup sequence. The self-protection feature is enhanced to intercept only registry read calls.
140362Traffic SteeringFixed a timing issue that may cause the first two HTTP post packets to be out of order when the packets go through the Netskope tunnel with the VPN turned on.
147348Traffic SteeringA new feature flag enableAOACSupport is introduced. By default, it is in the disabled state.

For Always On, Always Connected (AOAC) enabled devices whenever the display will go off, the nsclient will disconnect the tunnel and connect the tunnel when the display comes up.

If this feature flag is enabled then NSClient does not take any action based on display going off/on and depends on network events, login/logout, service stop/start, and so on to decide tunnel connect/disconnect for AOAC enabled devices.

149302Traffic SteeringIn the case of multiple Firefox windows, when the Netskope client tries to restart Firefox after ca import to the cert store, Firefox fails to restore user settings in the current session as another Firefox window is open.

With this fix, the Netskope client will wait for the Firefox process to end to launch a new Firefox process.

148734Traffic SteeringFixed a shared data protection-related crash issue that may happen if there is a network or config change while traffic is steered through the Netskope tunnel.
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Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 92.1.0

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