Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 95.1.2

Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 95.1.2

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release.

Issue NumberCategoryDescription
153968Traffic SteeringWith this fix, Netskope fixed a vulnerability CVE-2019-13013 in Mac.
161235Traffic SteeringOn Windows, a non-privileged user can simulate stAgentUI process (a component of the Netskope Client software), to send disable command to stAgentSvc (another component of the Client software).The new fix addresses the Administrative Control Bypass issue by checking the identity of the connecting client and rejecting the connection if the client is not stAgentUI or nsdiag process installed by Client.
166859Traffic SteeringThe Client does signature verification before launching the keytool application from Netskope Windows service.
167122Traffic SteeringMac client will popup Captive Portal(CP) authentication page using default browser when CP is detected and fail-close is active. Windows client fixes a CP detection timing issue which may block system CP detection packet.
178519Traffic SteeringWith this fix, Netskope now supports macOS Client installer on M1 device with native M1 format.
171573Traffic SteeringNetskope log bundle is hardened to exclude user keys from the nsconfig file.
160042Traffic SteeringThe Netskope driver caused a system crash when self protection is enabled and Client state is switched from disable to enable. This issue is fixed in this release.
177752Traffic SteeringFixed the Client Download without activation key issue.
175564Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where Client Download without activation key was broken.
141626Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the Device Classification status displayed the wrong state on web console when  the option “Enable device classification and client-based end user notifications when the client is not tunneling traffic” is enabled.
162659Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where a version comparison error caused unexpected product downgrade.
166328Traffic SteeringIn this fix, Netskope addressed an issue where the  Client tunnel terminated on UI crash or kill.
139780Traffic SteeringThe Client upgraded to use OpenSSL1.1.1l due to security vulnerability discovered in older OpenSSL version and now supports TLS1.3.
163441Traffic SteeringFixed an issue that affected macOS BigSur and above versions, where Client was unable to steer traffic when IPv4 mapped IPv6 address as exception.
170491Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the notification message was not partially visible.
156158Traffic SteeringIn this fix, Netskope addressed an issue where end user’s Client intermittently goes into an error disabled state.
177695Traffic SteeringThe enableMacPerformance feature flag can be enabled on the tenant for Mac Client to deliver higher throughput.


This should not be enabled if Cisco AnyConnect software is also installed on the Mac devices.

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Fixed Issues In Hotfix Release 95.1.2

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