New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 97.1.3

New Features And Enhancements In Hotfix Release 97.1.3

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements.

Traffic Steering
Periodic Device Classification Feature

With this release, Netskope Client enables admins to configure device classification periodically on the Netskope dashboard. You can configure validation intervals in minutes between 5 – 120 (Default value is 60 minutes). The Client  also validates the device classification for every user or network change that occurs on the device.

The Device pages are dynamically updated in real-time to capture any device classification status changes. The device posture trigger feature helps to identify which events caused in a change of device classification status.

To learn more, view Netskope Client Configuration.


This is currently behind a feature flag(Enable Posture Validation). Contact your Sales Representative or Support to enable this feature for your account.

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