Known Issues In Release 109.0.0

Known Issues In Release 109.0.0

Here is the list of known issues in this release

Issue NumberCategoryDefinition
221243Advanced AnalyticsGet Advanced Analytics data REST API response returns location data as geographic coordinates and does not support json format.
297470API Data ProtectionQuarantine and Restore actions are no longer available for individual files on the malware page. The md5 used in quarantine and restore alerts does not match the original malware file md5.
All alerts continue to be available in SkopeIT page.
295234API Data ProtectionPolicy action for introspection in malware incidents shows as “detection”. This is due to missing or mismatched file md5 in the policy alerts for quarantine and restore. These policy alerts will continue to be available in SkopeIT.
288153CASB Real-time ProtectionBy default Microsoft One drive for Business sync app tries to resync content every 10 minutes. When Netskope One Drive for Business (ODFB) connector tries to block the Upload or Rename activities happening via this app, it continuously retries until it syncs successfully. Attempting to block these successive resyncs causes the OneDrive sync app to crash. So for Upload and Rename “Block” polices (originating from ODFB Sync Client) Netskope would still attempt to block the activity for the first time and trigger an alert in SkopeIT. But will allow subsequent retires from the sync app to avoid the application crash.


“Alert” and “UserAlert” policies for Upload/Rename events originating from ODFB Sync app will work as normal.

243898Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Endpoint DLP Printer Device Control on Windows do not control printers that are published through Active Directory or GPO. These printers should be controlled using Active Directory permissions.
212330Platform ServicesWhen a policy is moved from one group to another and reverted Pending Changes is empty as expected, but the icon is displayed.
210335Platform ServicesWhen an admin without permission to Real-time Protection Policy page edits the Policy Group, undefined policy group picker component is displayed.
201980Platform ServicesForward Proxy page should be set to View, for IPSec and GRE pages to work as expected with Manage privilege.
4523SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)SaaS Security Posture Management’s Atlassian Jira and Confluence apps does not currently support Netskope Governance Language (NGL).

To learn more: Custom Rules Using Netskope Governance Language
320768Traffic SteeringIn the latest macOS version 14.0.0(Sonoma), Apple has disabled the audit subsystem by default due to which the Netskope Client is unable to track macOS users login and logout events in multi-user setups. Apple has provided instructions on how to enable the audit subsystem again and this resolves the issue completely. See ‘man audit’ in Terminal on macOS 14 for details and refer to Netskope support to access the shell script implemented according to the Apple instructions.
To learn more, view macoS Sonoma 14.0.

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Known Issues In Release 109.0.0

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