Fixed Issues In Release 111.0.0

Fixed Issues In Release 111.0.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue NumberCategoryDescription
324318Advanced AnalyticsFixed documentation URL for widget description of ‘Trend of Application Risk Score’ on Industry Benchmarks dashboard in the Netskope Library.
337730CASB Real-time ProtectionThe instance_id value extraction was different for some of the download URLs, so provided the proper instance_id extraction for other cases.
335311CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue where in a certain http2 website was not loading due to webserver failing the TLS handshake with ‘no application protocol’ error.
338977Endpoint DLP (EPDLP)Fixed an issue where certain USB mass storage devices with NULL bytes in their name or description were not generating endpoint events.
330312Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed a bug where the sc-status did not reflect the actual status code if the remote response was not forwarded
340434Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Certain applications were sending a response header name that had an invalid double quote character. Proxy no longer generates a parse error for such responses.
346921Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue of missing inline events and email notifications that happened due to incorrect event generation by NS Proxy in certain scenarios.
297999Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Policy name will show up appropriately in Application and Justification Events generated as a result of Patient 0 Hold Until Proven functionality.
324792Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed a bug in the handling of the negation logic for file constraint based on RTP policies which could cause such policies to incorrectly shadow other RTP policies lower in the order and thus prevent the right policy from matching.
343565Netskope Private Access (NPA)Fixed an issue where private applications were not accessible due to internal Linux client issue.
334024Netskope Private Access (NPA)Resolved a Linux client bug that was causing port exhaustion and memory leaks.
351835Netskope Private Access (NPA)Resolved a problem with Windows client self-protection functionality which prevented users from accessing applications.
290627Platform ServicesCompromised Credentials permission is now under Threat Protection functional area of custom roles. If you do not have access to Threat Protection, you will not be able to change your access to Compromised Credentials for any custom roles. Please use one of the predefined roles to access Compromised Credentials as a workaround.
16415Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed an issue related to the isolated session timeout that triggered a session timeout when the active tab referred to a non-isolated webpage and all isolated tabs were background tabs, causing the whole isolated session to timeout before all isolated tabs had reached the tab timeout, affecting the user experience. With this fix, timeouts have been reviewed to adapt to how new browsers handle background tabs and make sure the defined session timeout is triggered correctly.

16159Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed an issue that was breaking the printing process with tabs that open an “about:blank” page to compose dynamically the page to be printed, and navigate outside of isolation to the “about:blank” page.

10564Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed an issue where the pop-up message isolation indicators did not include all the configuration items of the RBI settings if the number of items was more than 5.
15269Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Fixed some visual mishaps when the pixel ratio was greater than 1.0, or the browser zoom was set to greater than 100%. After this fix, the tooltips are redrawn with a correct refresh and the the underlying image is restored properly when the tooltips disappear.

333958SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM)Fixed the count of subscriptions shown in the report for Compliance Security Posture. Previously, the subscription number was 1 more to the total number of account names.
334835Traffic SteeringFixed an issue that occurred when the user installed Netskope Client with IdP deployment mode and the admin found missing installation time of that device.
331418Traffic SteeringFixed Netskope Client app freeze issue on the Chromebook device. The issue was caused by either NULL pointer dereference and/or log file backup on copying nsdebuglog.log to nsdebuglog_old.log. In addition, fixed no network access issue that happens right after tunnel reconnection.
343587Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the Client for Windows devices config folder was not readable by normal user when the default access rights of “C:\ProgramData” was changed for Users group.
337308Traffic SteeringFixed crashes that is triggered on a multi-user VDI environment as the shared resources are not exclusively accessed.
325462Traffic SteeringNetskope Client auto-upgrade failed after reboot on Windows hardware supporting modern standby machines. This failure was caused by auto-upgrade triggered by the Power Change System event before the service finish was initialized.
341283Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where after the Custom Device Classification was enabled, stagentSvc.exe always sends Device Posture Change event when the service starts.
333321Traffic SteeringUpgrade failed due to stAgentSvc crash during the auto-upgrade process. During upgrade process, the old stAgentSvc service stops before installing the newer version. While stopping this older service, one of the service’s threads was not stopped resulting in this crash. With this fix, it stops this thread before the service is completely unloaded.
341019Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where support displayed complete Custom Device Classification status on client configuration UI.
334287Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the Netskope Client UI text was invisible whenever user enables high contrast mode in a Windows device.
338454Traffic SteeringClient keeps the current device classification result if it finds the return evaluation result has a new timestamp than local cached rules until new device classification is downloaded.
345465Traffic SteeringFixed a bug to deal with recursive domain names in DNS Response payload.
301400Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the Netskope Client status was not updated due to incorrect format.
335575Traffic SteeringUpdated the function in SkopeIT > Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Devices that generates the export to handle user group names filter across all pages, ensuring consistency and preventing errors and empty result during data exports. This fix applies universally irrespective of where the user group names and export appear across the pages.
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Fixed Issues In Release 111.0.0

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