Netskope Release Notes Version 114.0.0

Netskope Release Notes Version 114.0.0

Published on: April 18th, 2024

We are excited to announce our release 114.0.0 updates! Get the latest features, issues fixed, and other updates in this release.

Release Highlights

These are the highlights for this release, you can find them under section:

  • Netskope Private Access (NPA)

    • REST API Support for Real-time Policies

    • Enhanced Windows Client Tunnel Status

    • Publisher Selection Based on the Latency

    • Multi Search Domains for Wildcard Application Access

  • Traffic Steering

    • Master Password Support for NS Client disablement

    • Enhancements In Certificate-Pinned Applications

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Upcoming Product Changes

To preview some of what’s coming in the next release, see: Product Change Notification.

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Netskope Release Notes Version 114.0.0

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