Fixed Issues In Release 94.0.0

Fixed Issues In Release 94.0.0

Here is the list of issues fixed in this release.

Issue NumberCategoryDescription
164517Advanced AnalyticsFixed an issue where users cannot perform actions on folders.
159429Classic ReportsFixed an issue where exported PDF reports with double ranked bar charts were not displayed properly and displayed incorrect byte traffic unit.
165305Classic ReportsFixed an issue where widgets with the Page Query type in the Compromised Credentials report template was not returning any results. For existing scheduled and saved reports, the users must change the query field manually; this fix will only affect new reports created from the template.
135457Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Page Events with a domain that matches a custom application were being marked as web traffic with no application name whereas they should have the Traffic Type field set to CloundApp and the custom application name should be in the Application field. The custom application database is now checked prior to generating a page event to ensure page events for custom applications are identified properly.
139242Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue affecting macOS Big Sur where requests to the Netskope categorization service would be incorrectly bypassed rather than routed to Netskope (the service is not public, only available over Netskope routes). This can cause category-based steering configurations to misbehave as they could not identify the category of outgoing requests.
160779Next Gen Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue of delay in web page loading if the response body is empty and threat scanning is enabled.
146035Netskope Private Access(NPA)This release addresses an issue, where the Netskope Client displayed a blank screen during user re-authentication.
6512Remote Browser Isolation(RBI)Fixed an issue that prevented RBI from showing the Printing is disabled warning message when a user attempts to print a PDF in isolation using the embedded Print button. As a result, the users cannot see the warning message when RBI blocked their attempt to print an isolated PDF using the print function embedded in the remote PDF file viewer.

The error was caused due to an error in the handling of the printing function after a CEF update. RBI block of printing in isolated webpages/PDFs was not affected by this issue. After the fix is deployed, the Printing is disabled information dialog pops up when the user tries to print a PDF file.

122214Traffic SteeringhandleExceptionsAtDriver feature flag can be used to enable exception handling in the driver. This feature can be used to resolve interoperability and application-specific issues.
154399Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where the Netskope client processes got obstructed due to excessive use of file open and close operation while writing in a single file by multiple processes. This fix avoids file opening or close for every logline and is open for writing once at the start of stAgentsvc.
158889Traffic SteeringHardened the downloader service to mitigate corner cases with cross-scripting possibilities.
158099Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where an allocated memory for a string object became null and the driver code was accessing the pointer without a null pointer check. The driver code now checks the null value before accessing the pointer.
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