New Features and Enhancements In Release 95.0.0

New Features and Enhancements In Release 95.0.0

Here is the list of the new features and enhancements.

Behavior Analytics
User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – Adv UEBA Incidents 

Adv UEBA incidents show Data Loss Prevention(DLP) policy violations (detections) along with User Confidence Index (UCI) impact for the detection.

CASB Real-time Protection
App Connector Revamp For Domo

Editing a POST message activity is now modified to POST instead of EDIT activity. DLP support is also added for the same.

Support For Send Activity In Google Mail Workspace

With this release, Netskope extends its support for the Send activity in API. This release do not support to_user and Netskope plans to provide support in the upcoming releases.

Support For Microsoft Outlook 365 Notes

The new feature support for Microsoft O365 Outlook Notes section includes the following:

  • Create
  • Edit
  • Upload
  • Delete

DLP Inspection Support: The DLP engine inspects the data while editing the notes and takes necessary actions.

Limitation: While uploading a file, the engine does not display the name of the file, but displays alert with the important details.

Shift Esign To Adobe Sign Application

With this release, Netskope moves the Esign section coverage and supported activities to the Adobe Sign application.

Revamping App Connector For Amazon Drive

Netskope now revamps Amazon Drive app connector signature and supports the following activities:

  • Upload
  • Download
  • Create
  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Share
  • Move

Removed the support for the following activities:

  • View
  • Delete All

With this release, Netskope remapped to Amazon Personal Login application. As the Amazon Drive application comes under Amazon Personal App suite, it is mandatory to steer Amazon Personal Login and Amazon Drive applications in the steering configuration to detect all the supported activities.

DLP Support For Larger Files

With this release, you can perform DLP and Threat Inspection for the files uploaded to Box (>100 MB) and Dropbox application( > 4 MB)


This feature is in Beta. Contact your Sales Representative or Netskope Support for more information.

Classic Reports
Matched Username Attribute Field In Reports

Added Matched Username as an attribute value that allows you to report matched corporate domains for compromised credentials.

Cloud Confidence Index(CCI)
App Category Update For LinkedIn

Netskope updates the application category for the LinkedIn application from Social to Professional Networking.

Activity Coverage For Adobe Sign Application

With this release, Netskope updates the coverage for Adobe Sign application activity covered through the Adobe App Suite. This release also includes the DLP support for the Upload activity.

Update CCI Apps To File Converter Category

Updated the application categories to File Converter in App Info for the following CCI apps:

Application NameOld CategoryNew Category
Convert EBooksConsumerFile Converter
PDF CreatorCollaborationFile Converter
Nitro PDF ProCollaborationFile Converter
Jet ConvertConsumerFile Converter
Online-ConvertConsumerFile Converter
Online PDF-ConverterConsumerFile Converter
Convert JPG to PDFConsumerFile Converter
SmallpdfConsumerFile Converter
Pdf2Jpg.netConsumerFile Converter
PDF.onlineConsumerFile Converter
ConvertonlinefreeConsumerFile Converter
Word to PDFConsumerFile Converter
JPG to PDFConsumerFile Converter
Image to PDFConsumerFile Converter
PDFaid Image to pdfConsumerFile Converter
Convert-my-imageConsumerFile Converter
JPG to PDF Online ConverterConsumerFile Converter
FreeFileConvertConsumerFile Converter
Office ConverterConsumerFile Converter
PDF To Word ConverterConsumerFile Converter
Free Online Word to PDF ConverterConsumerFile Converter
VeryPDFConsumerFile Converter
FM-PDF.comConsumerFile Converter
SciweaversConsumerFile Converter
Text to PDF ConverterConsumerFile Converter
Conv2pdfConsumerFile Converter
ConvertFilesConsumerFile Converter
Zamzar Convert PNG to PDFConsumerFile Converter
Zamzar BMP to PDFConsumerFile Converter
Zamzar PDF to JPGConsumerFile Converter
PDF to PNGFile ConverterFile Converter
Free PDF to Image Online ConverterConsumerFile Converter
Convertimagetotext.netConsumerFile Converter
ConvertImageConsumerFile Converter
Convert PDF to Word.netConsumerFile Converter
Convert PDF to Text.netConsumerFile Converter
CloudConvertConsumerFile Converter
easyPDF CloudConsumerFile Converter
Go2ConvertConsumerFile Converter
ConvertICOConsumerFile Converter
PDFaid-Pdf to DocConsumerFile Converter
XPS to PDFConsumer File Converter
RotatePDF.netConsumerFile Converter
Word to Clean HTMLConsumerFile Converter
DriveConverterConsumerFile Converter
Web2PDFConsumerFile Converter
PDFmyURLConsumerFile Converter
PDF2Go.comConsumerFile Converter
PDFSimpliConsumerFile Converter
FreeConvert.comConsumerFile Converter
Data Protection
Support For Additional File Types

This release includes support for more than 30 additional file types accessible through DLP file filter. The following lists a few of the file types:

  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) documents
  • XML Common Biometric Format (XCBF) files
  • Microsoft Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files
  • Microsoft Equation Editor object files
  • iOS App Store Package files
  • Kingsoft WPS document, spreadsheet and presentation files
Email DLP

Email DLP now includes support for the full SMTP UTF-8 standard for email addresses. This means email addresses seen by the SMTP proxy can include non-US characters.

Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)
Alert Action For Response Upgrade Header

App detect now supports Alert action for response header processing and the list of supported actions are:

  • Block
  • Alert
  • Allow
Other Categories In Page Events

The Page Events section now includes the Other Category field that displays the list of all categories present in the URL. Earlier only the primary category was available in Page Events. TheApplication Events already include the Other Category field.

User/User-Group/Organization Unit(OU)/ Exclusion In Real-Time Protection Policies

With this release, you can exclude users, user groups, and organizational units when configuring the Source field in Real-time Protection policies.


To learn more: Real-time Protection Policies


This is a Limited Availability feature. Contact your Sales Representative or Netskope Support for more information.

Netskope Private Access (NPA)
Private Apps With Wide IP Ranges

Input checking prevents configuring private apps with the following IP ranges:

  • 0/0
  • Any CIDR less than /8 that is if x.x.x.x/y is configured CIDR, then y should be greater than or equal to 8. For example, 0/8 is allowed, whereas 1/7 is not allowed.
  • TLD
  • IPv6 equivalent of 0/0, that is:
    • “::”
    • “0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0”
    • “::0”
Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)
Enhanced Filtering In Skope IT > Page Events

The enhanced filtering of Page Events in Skope IT allows to filter page events by action using the predefined filter in the + Add Filter menu.


This enables to filter isolation events easily (action: isolate) and combine them with additional filters. Prior to this change, users had to use the advanced search capability to build a query to filter page events by action. This enhancement allows you to identify the pages sent to Netskope RBI for web isolation by selecting the predefined filter for action, with value ‘isolate’.

Threat Protection
Trigger Email Notification For Compromised Credentials

For Compromised Credentials page in Incidents, you can now send email notifications to users or admins using Edit Email Notification popup dialog in the row action. The row action is displayed at the end of each row (‘…’ icon). You can customize the email templates by editing the popup dialog using a default template. At the same time, you can reset the default template any time using the Edit template popup dialog.

New Search And Filter Field Incident ID In Malware And Skope IT

Netskope adds a new search and filter field called Incident ID in real-time (inline) malware detections and policy actions. Use Incident ID to filter and search events and alert data to uniquely identify malware detections and policy blocks. New real-time (inline) detections contain both transaction_id and incident_id.

To learn more: About Malware and About Alerts.

Standard Sandbox And Heuristics Detections

The standard threat protection now comes with standard sandbox and heuristics detections that provides positive detection. This can provide additional corroboration by the advanced threat engines for a detection in standard threat protection. For detailed forensics analysis and reports an advanced Threat Protection license is required.

Sandbox File Submission And Report Retrieval Through REST API

Netskope uses a defense in depth approach using adv Machine Learning, heuristics and other advanced engines to complement sandbox observed behaviors and detections. The new API for Direct File Submission provides a mechanism to retrieve sandbox observed behaviors and forensic analysis, mapped to MITRE TTPs in a detailed report for SOC analysts to research malware. These detections are also available in the tenant and shown as access method API.

  • License Required: Adv Threat protection
  • File Type Supported: Exe files of size less than 16MB.
  • Requests Per Day: Max limit of upto 1000 file submissions and up to 10,000 report retrievals.
Additional Documentation Updates

In addition to documenting all new and improved features, here is the list of articles with key documentation updates:

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New Features and Enhancements In Release 95.0.0

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