Fixed Issues In Release 98.0.0

Fixed Issues In Release 98.0.0

Here is the list of fixed issues in this release.

Issue NumberCategoryDescription
195778API Data ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where exposure information was missing in Outlook Incidents.
196949API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where retroactive scan for a Box instance was not working if user profile was considered in the policy.
197369API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where taking action on a file that was created by Deactivated user was not working.
198275API Data ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue by creating forensic profile which adds case insensitive check while checking for admin email.
197585API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where notifications generated by external user activities were getting dropped, if the parent folder of the file on which activity is performed is not created by an internal user.
197935API Data ProtectionFixed an issue where filtering Users by MS Team names with special characters failed on the MS Teams Users page.
202080CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope discontinues connector support due to application shutdown.
192119CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where incorrect instance id was not getting detected properly for some cases in MS Planner when user performs View All activity.
202129CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue where incorrect from_user was generated. With this fix, a new resource is added to cover the public download and skip the from_user lookup. Only public downloads show Instance ID.
194588CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where instance id was not working properly at the time of policy lookups when a user views a file by clicking on details tab.
197556CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed navigation in OneDrive for Business application. Instance id was missing intermittently for one of the file preview navigation. The navigation uploads and previews an image file on right click.
198556CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where Delete activity was not detected due to pattern change.
196263CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue where traffic change caused match condition failure.
192938CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where from_user was not detecting properly in random manner. The issue was fixed by adding string normalisation for file uploads through native OneDrive app
196876CASB Real-time ProtectionIn this release, Netskope fixed an issue where login activity was blocked due to incorrect application detection. Updating domain in office365-login.xml connector detects traffic by right application and hence the login activity is not affected.
197034CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed DLP support for Baidu Cloud application Upload activity.
194638CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed the connector resource to extract the proper Instance ID. Prior to this fix incorrect instance due to normalisation failure from Host header appeared.
205451CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed SAML Reverse Proxy configuration for new tenants.
194469CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue that enables you to share Power Point Presentation in MS Teams meeting.
192784CASB Real-time ProtectionFixed an issue to access attached files MS Teams web version.
203526, 192274CASB Real-time ProtectionNetskope fixed CSS file loading for the following domains:
  • Google
  • Facebook
198332, 207423Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)Netskope updated location information to reflect correct country.
202998Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)Netskope fixed an issue where app tagging for new tenants failed when applied for the first time. WebUI checks if generate_app_tag_config_file feature flag is enable or not, if not then calls reset API for creating app_tagging.json file and then adds this feature flag generate_app_tag_config_file and applies API tags.
192535Data ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where Taxpayer ID Number Terms (AU) entity when used in the predefined profile:rule Australia Personally Identifiable Information: AU-TFN-Name did not apply common-sense filters to the result. Rule count is expected to be higher without the common sense filter.
205635Data ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue that caused behavioural change in Real-time policies with DLP profiles. The behavioural change resulted in capturing more than one policy and recording incorrect action in the incident.

With this fix, if the action threshold is not met instead a lower or higher severity threshold is met, then an incident is created, single policy is listed, the DLP profile and rule with action is set to Alert.

204925Data ProtectionNetskope fixed an issue where EDM rule malfunctioned due to incorrect column mapping to their respective Entities as selected in the DLP Rule.
199373Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Netskope resolved intermittent connection errors when using CTEP with dedicated egress IP.
197022Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Fixed an issue by adding persistence template to the dpproxylb services, so that connections are directed to the correct backend after a backend goes down and comes back.
195790Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Netskope fixed an issue where real-time protection policies based on user source IP where not applied to traffic that matched SSL Do Not Decrypt policy. The issue pertained for explicit proxy, local proxy access methods and user source IP based policies.
197611Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Adding a Firewall app as the only bypass criteria to a OU/Group Steering exception was resulting in unconditional bypass of all Web traffic for any user belonging to that OU/Group. This is fixed in R98.
196453Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Netskope fixed an issue where the response to a HTTP/2 HEAD request was sent without an END_STREAM in header frame and a separate frame with END_STREAM was sent later .
178923Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Netskope fixed an issue where bypass_reason field gets populated with blank field. This issue primarily occurred for various SSL error bypass reasons. This issue is fixed by providing a bypass reason for the SSL error case.The bypass reason SSL Bypass policy matched was updated to SSL Do Not Decrypt Bypass Policy Matched.
205808Netskope Secure Web Gateway (NG SWG)Netskope resolved an issue in the Real-time Protection Policy creation page. The user/group exclusion feature was initially visible to Firewall and NPA (Private Apps) policy types without backend compatibility. This feature was removed for both Firewall and NPA (Private App) policy type.
196951Netskope Private Access (NPA)Netskope fixed an inter-op issue on macBig Sur or later versions, where if Cisco AnyConnect is installed, and its DNS proxy is running, NS Client will run on lwip mode. This occurred inspite of enabled enhancemacosperformance feature flag.
196068Netskope Private Access (NPA)Netskope fixed an issue where periodic re-authentication was not attempted when the stAgentUI process was not ready for the NPA gateway to send re-authentication request. With this fix, pending status is now tracked in stAgentSrv and when stAgentUI connects, a re-authentication request is triggered before any private application can be accessed.
197580Incident ManagementWith this fix, SharePoint Site field will show up in Incident Page.
8942Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)Netskope fixed an issue where pressing Enter Key in the search box jumped two results. Keyboard handler is now updated to navigate through the search results correctly.
204339Threat ProtectionFixed an issue where malware detection for Valyria Trojan was incorrectly generating alerts.
164519Traffic SteeringNetskope fixed an issue where Select All Devices checkbox furnished devices from only the current page and at-most 100 devices could be enabled or disabled at a time. This checkbox is now updated to select all the devices available for the current query set that allows to enable or disable at-most 10,000 devices in a single action.
201771Traffic SteeringNetskope fixed an issue where > and < symbols in form fields were incorrectly filtered on creating or editing a device classification rule
196262Traffic SteeringFixed an issue where an entire page was unable to load due to incomplete host information for a specific device in the device page.
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