New Features and Enhancements in Version 24.03

New Features and Enhancements in Version 24.03

Here is the list of new features and enhancements released in 24.03 version.

Enhanced Assets Table

With this enhancement, to sustain the integrity of the device information, the MAC address field in the Asset Catalog in Manage > Assets menu is not editable. Click on the fields in the table to edit the content.

Enhanced Inventory Table

With this release, the Inventory table is enhanced and following are the UI changes:

  • Click on the new zoom-in icon to the left of device hostname to open the details side panel.
  • You can see the tags in a separate column. You can also see the list of tags in the details side panel.
Daily Digest Email

With this enhancement, you can now receive daily digest emails for alerts and health dashboard. You can enable the digest toggle button to avail this feature for particular users in the Manage > Users menu. Once you enable the feature, you will receive an email daily at 2 PM UTC on the user email.

Support for Protocol Anomaly Detection

With this enhancement, you will see device details enhanced with new alerts and anomalies along with additional visualisation of device behaviour.

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New Features and Enhancements in Version 24.03

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