Fixed Issues in Version 23.01

Fixed Issues in Version 23.01
Table 4. Here is the list of fixed issues in 23.01 version release
Issue numberComponentDescription
471UIWith this fix, you can successfully save the policy by filling all the required fields. Previously, the “Save Policy” button did not show active even after providing all required information.
472UIWith this fix, you can successfully update the policy. Previously, while editing the policy, an error message was shown instead of updating the policy.
692UIWith this fix, you can see correct SSID characteristics when you hover over Executive Dashboard > Network Ops Section > SSID elements in the graph.
793UIWith the latest update, several tag based issues are fixed in Netskope IoT Security Inventory menu UI. Major changes are:
  • When you hover over the device tags, you can see correct source names.
  • The external tags are blue in color and manual tags are grey in color in the device details page.
  • Now you can create and apply a manual tag same as an external tag to the device.
831UIWith this fix, the white spaces in UI are fixed when selecting devices while creating or editing policy rules.
882APIWith this fix, you can not create duplicate categories while creating or editing policies.
960APIThe issue is fixed by improving the API. Now tags can be assigned to the devices when you push an existing manual or external tag name with a new source.
992UIThe pagination and page controls working properly in Manage > Assets menu. When you import netskope assets and change date filters, discovery view table shows data correctly.
1004UIWith the latest update, several policy based issues are fixed in Netskope IoT Security. Major changes are:
  • You can now create a policy by defining rules as Devices and Groups.
  • You can save the policy only after defining rules.
973APIThe issue is resolved and now the data is displayed and reports are generated for the respective sites only. Previously, if you selected the sites in the filter that didn’t have appliances, the data was displayed irrespective of the sites.
815UIWith this update, the site icon is changed from globe icon to pin icon.
845UIWith this fix you can see the Inventory device view data correctly. Previously, the high chart did show the devices but the table was left empty. The issue is resolved by enhancing the UI.
935UIWith this fix, you can not save a policy or group where the rule conditions do not match. You can not provide alphabets to the numeric value required parameters while creating the rules. Previously, empty white page was displayed when you enters alphabets instead of numbers for the specific rules conditions.
900UIUI is fixed to show the authors list correctly in the Reporting > Reports menu. Previously, the author list in Reporting menu was showing empty.

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