New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.04

New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.04

Here is the list of new features and enhancements released in 23.04 version.

Netskope IoT Security Supports Operational Technology

With this enhancement, you can now use Netskope IoT Security to secure your operational technology (OT) devices in the power utilities vertical using DNP3 protocol. Main capabilities are:

  • Discover all your OT assets that use DNP3 protocol for communication.
  • Get granular context about your OT devices. You can find attributes like make, model, type, category, vertical, etc in the Investigate menu > Activities View tab.
  • Understand how these devices are communicating with each other in the Activities View.
  • Get a dynamic risk score for OT devices that is based on thread signatures from our threat detection engine.


This is a controlled General Availability feature. Contact your Netskope SE to enable this on your tenant.

Scope Based Access Control for Sites and Regions

With this enhancement, Netskope IoT Security provides a Scope Based Access Control (SBAC) that allows you to control the scope of devices that a user can see. This is done by assigning sites to users such that the user will have visibility only to devices seen on that site. When you log in with a certain scope to the UI, the top drop-down displays only the scope the user has access to. In addition, it limited the data presented about devices and alerts to the scope selected in the top drop-down, which can be a subset of what is assigned to the user.


Netskope currently limits this feature only to visibility components in the UI. You can not set policies and apply remediation using scope based access control yet.

UI Enhancements in Basic Filters

With this enhancement, the UI filters are improved. Now you can interchangeably choose between basic and advance filters in the portal. Refer the following images:

RBAC in Express Servers

With this enhancement, the role based access control (RBAC) is implemented in the express server and it prevents privilege escalation vulnerabilities.

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New Features and Enhancements in Version 23.04

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