New Features and Enhancements in Publisher Release

New Features and Enhancements in Publisher Release

Here are the new features and enhancements for this release.

Updated Kernal Versions

New kernal versions for 110.0.0Platform     Kernel version
OVA               5.4.0-166-generic
VHDX            5.15.0-1051-azure
AMI               5.15.0-1049-aws
VHD              5.15.0-1051-azure

Increased Default Storage Capacity for OVA and VHDX

The default storage capacity for the new OVA/VHDX publisher images is now 16GB.

OVA Generic Package Install helps with an Unattended Upgrade (New Package Only)

A fresh install of OVA Publishers now supports unattended kernel upgrades. OVA images now includes a linux-image-generic package.

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