New Features and Enhancements in Publisher Version

New Features and Enhancements in Publisher Version

Here are the new features and enhancements for this release.

NewEdge Traffic Management

As part of improving user experience via Netskope cloud, Private Access Publisher will now find the optimal datacenter for tunnel establishment using Netskope Traffic Management. To learn more: NewEdge Traffic Management.

Publishers in PRC (China)

Netskope Private Access is now available in China. To learn more: Upgrade a Publisher for PRC (China).


Please contact Customer Support to request this capability for your tenant.

Enable Unattended Kernel  Upgrade on Existing OVA Instances

You can now increase the disk size of existing instances of OVA Publishers to 16GB, and enable support for unattended kernel upgrades. OVA instances will use the linux-image-generic package. To learn more: Install Kernel Updates on an OVA Publisher.

Updated Kernel Versions

New kernel versions for     Kernel version
OVA               5.4.0-166-generic
VHDX            5.15.0-1051-azure
AMI               5.15.0-1049-aws
VHD              5.15.0-1051-azure

SHA Hash for Publisher Images

Image TypeSHA256

Listing the Alicloud OVA and VHDX Image URL and Checksum Hash

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New Features and Enhancements in Publisher Version

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