Verify the Auth Proxy Connection

Verify the Auth Proxy Connection

To verify and test that the services on the Auth Proxy are running

  1. Telnet to the Auth Proxy host on port 443. This should be successful.


    It takes a few minutes to sync the configuration with the Netskope cloud.

  2. Exit the configure mode to access the sforwarder prompt.
  3. At the initial shell prompt, enter ‘nsshell’ to access the Secure Forwarder prompt. Use the following commands to check the status of the Auth Proxy:
    status authproxy 
    status sslproxy


    As mentioned in the prerequisites, the client source IP must pass through the Auth Proxy. Use the following command to get the latest log snapshot to confirm the client source IP is received:

    show logs sslproxy

Refer to the configuration guide in the Netskope UI to configure Auth Proxy details. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Reverse Proxy > Office 365 Auth. Click on the Details Instructions button to download the guide.

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