SAML Reverse Proxy Global Settings

SAML Reverse Proxy Global Settings

Netskope SAML Reverse Proxy has a global settings feature. Go to Settings > Security Cloud Platform > Reverse Proxy > SAML and click Settings.


The Global Settings options are:

  • Enable device classification: Device Classification allows you to define rules that function like posture checks, and then evaluate devices based on these rules. The rules vary based on the OS Platform being applied to. Once evaluated, the devices are classified as “Managed” by default. Go to Device Classification for more details.
  • Re-sign SAML assertions: A SAML assertion tells a service provider that a user is signed in. SAML assertions contain the information necessary for a service provider to confirm user identity.
  • Emergency bypass: Enable this option to bypass the chosen app (above) from Netskope post authentication.


    When enabling the emergency bypass option, users might not able to access the SaaS application if there’s a conditional access policy setup to block users from untrusted networks on the SaaS application.

  • Custom block page: Select the block message to display when an application is blocked.
  • Trusted CA for certificate authentication: Displays the current trusted CA used for SAML reverse proxy. Click the links to view or replace a file.

After changing any global settings, click Save.

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SAML Reverse Proxy Global Settings

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