SAML Reverse Proxy

SAML Reverse Proxy

Netskope SAML proxy is required to direct the cloud app by your company to the reverse proxy running in your tenant in the Netskope cloud. If you use Netskope Client,  the traffic is redirected directly to the Netskope Cloud, 

When an end user goes to a SaaS application, the traffic to an SSO system like Okta, Ping Identity, OneLogin, etc. is directed via SAML for user authentication. Once the user is authenticated, traffic from the Netskope reverse proxy engine is used for deep analysis.

This document provides detailed instructions to set up the Netskope SAML Proxy to integrate with a third party provider and sanctioned SaaS app provider. Admins must configure the SAML proxy with the Assertion Consumer Service (ACS) URL, Identity Provider (IdP) URL, and IdP Certificate.

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