Configure the SaaS App Service Provider Proxy Settings

Configure the SaaS App Service Provider Proxy Settings

You need to have the SAML Proxy Settings dialog box open in the Netskope tenant UI to complete these steps.

  1. Log in to SaaS App Provider Admin UI.
  2. On the SSO configuration page, copy the SAML Proxy IdP URL from the Settings dialog box, and paste it as the Identity Provider Login URL OR the Sign-In URL field on the SaaS App.
  3. Configure the IDP certificate field on the SaaS App with the SAML Proxy Issuer Certificate. A few SaaS Apps may support only file upload. In that case, copy the certificate text from SAML Proxy Issuer Certificate and upload it on to the SAML configuration on the Saas App.
  4. In the Issuer field (if present) on the Saas App, copy and paste the Organization ID from the Settings dialog box.


    If you are using Okta as the Identify Provider, we recommend using the ACS URL override. For more information, refer to: Configure the Okta ACS URL Override.

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