App Definitions 

App Definitions 

Networks can have quite a few homegrown applications that are hosted through a service provider. These applications typically don’t have an application specific inline connector to be able to track or detect various activities (login, upload, download, edit, etc.). Administrators can choose to use predefined, universal, or custom connectors. If your organization must rely on universal connectors, which might not always be successful in detecting all activities for custom applications, you can create app definitions so traffic can be steered to Netskope for deep analysis.

On the App Definition page, you can add cloud apps, firewall apps, private apps, and certificate pinned apps.

About the Cloud Apps or Cloud & Firewall Apps Page

On the Cloud Apps or Cloud & Firewall Apps page (Settings > Security Cloud Platform > App Definition), you can:

  1. Search for a cloud app, firewall app, domain, host, publisher, or definition details in the table.
  2. Create an app definition rule for following types of apps:
  3. View a list of app definitions rule. For each rule, you can see:
    • Application: The name of the app definition rule.
    • Definition: The definition details, such as the connector and domain configuration for cloud apps and the destination IP, protocol, and port for firewall apps.
    • Type: The type of app the rule was created for.
    • Rule ID: The ID of the rule.
    • In Steering: The number of steering configurations associated with the app.
    • In Policy: The number of Real-Time Protection policies associated with the app.
    • Last Modified: The last time an admin made changes to the rule.
  4. Click to push the rule changes to your users after you add or edit a rule.
  5. (Requires the Cloud Firewall license) Click to view a list of your custom apps. You can delete the apps and view general information about them. If a newly created app doesn’t appear in the list, click the Apply Changes. Any app used in a Real-Time Protection policy can’t be deleted from this list. You must remove the app from the policy and then delete it.
    The Manage Custom Apps window for Cloud & Firewall Apps.
  6. Select at least one app definition rule using the checkbox and click Delete to delete it.
  7. Click The Settings icon. to customize table columns or restore the default ones.
  8. Click The More icon. to choose one of the following options:
  9. View up to 100 rules per page.
  10. View multiple pages of the table.
The Cloud & Firewall Apps tab on the App Definitions page.
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App Definitions 

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