IPv6 Traffic Steering

IPv6 Traffic Steering

Netskope supports enterprises who have dual stack (IPv6 and IPv4) environments where internal networks have IPv6 and IPv4 implemented. All native IPv6 enterprises can use Netskope’s client steering technology to reach the Netskope Cloud Platform. Users who want to connect to an IPv6 website will have their IPv6 traffic steered by the Netskope Client to the Netskope cloud where v6 to v4 translation is done and policies are applied to that traffic. After policy enforcement is done, any allowed traffic is forwarded to its destination using IPv4 address.

Netskope supports websites resolving to IPv6 and IPv4 addresses. It doesn’t support websites that only resolve to ipv6 addresses.

For traffic steered via IPSec or GRE tunnels, Netskope doesn’t support IPv6 traffic over the IPv4 tunnels.

A network diagram showing how Netskope Client handles IPv6 steering and IPv6 to IPv4 translation.

In the above diagram, the Netskope Client steers the enterprise and remote user traffic.

Since Netskope Cloud Firewall doesn’t support IPv6 traffic including the translation, it bypasses any non-web Cloud Firewall traffic locally.

Netskope Private Access doesn’t support IPv6 traffic.

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IPv6 Traffic Steering

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