Netskope Public Cloud Security

Netskope Public Cloud Security

As enterprises move workloads and sensitive data into public cloud infrastructure at a rapid pace, the risk of exposure, sensitive data loss, non-compliance, and threats like malware remain significant challenges. Netskope gives organizations the visibility, compliance, and protection for critical workloads needed to combat these challenges. With Netskope, you can get an understanding of your risk exposure, detect misconfigurations, inventory assets, enforce compliance standards, and protect against insider threats and malware.

Features and Benefits

Netskope provides a wide range of security capabilities to protect your cloud infrastructure services. 

  • Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) helps you assess the security risk and manage the security posture of your public cloud resources. This feature is available for AWS, Azure, and GCP. To learn more: Cloud Security Posture Management.
  • Storage Scan gives you visibility into DLP violations and malware threats. This feature is available for AWS, Azure, and GCP. To learn more: Data Protection for Public Cloud.
  • Forensics allows you to capture DLP incident metadata in a location of your choice to aid with security investigations. This feature is available for AWS, Azure and GCP. To learn more: Forensics for Public Cloud.

You can further secure your public cloud infrastructure using API controls. To learn more: Public Cloud API Endpoints for REST API v1.


Netskope provides you with the following benefits.

  • Detect and secure your sensitive content en route to or from your public cloud with award-winning cloud DLP.
  • Gain granular visibility and control of activities being performed on both sanctioned and unsanctioned public cloud instances. Know what’s going on with individual instances and place activity-level restrictions across a wide range of services within your public cloud.
  • Monitor and prevent network configuration changes, like checking if SSH access is enabled. And with the granular visibility over your instances, you can place contextual policies on access and activities performed by users.
  • Block various strains of malware like ransomware going to and from public cloud storage. Netskope Threat Protect provides comprehensive threat defense with real-time, multi-layered threat detection and remediation.

Supported Regions

Netskope Public Cloud Security features are supported on all the default regions of AWS, Azure, and GCP. Additionally, for:


It is important to note that Netksope does not allow you to create a government (AWS GovCloud/Azure for Government) and commercial instances on the same Netskope tenant though they are different instances.

  • AWS: CSPM and Storage Scan features can also function in manually enabled regions such as Hong Kong (ap-east-01) and Bahrain (me-south-1). For a complete list of AWS regions that are enabled by default, refer to AWS documentation.
  • Azure: CSPM, Storage Scan, and Forensics features are supported on all regions under AZURE_PUBLIC_CLOUD. CSPM is also supported on AZURE_US_GOV_CLOUD.


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Netskope Public Cloud Security

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