Netskope Help

Netskope Reverse Proxy with Okta


These instructions are for new Okta integrations using the ACS URL Override implemented in 2018.

To watch a video about Neskope Reverse Proxy for Salesforce with Okta, click play.


In order to complete the instructions in this document, you must first:

  • Have existing Okta and SaaS application admin accounts

  • Configure Okta for a Saas application with SAML following Okta's instructions  Setting Up a SAML Application in Okta. While configuring the SaaS application, click View Setup Instructions on the Settings page after adding an application, and then copy the IdP SSO URL, IdP Issuer URL, and certificate. You will need these during this procedure.

  • Establish an SSO connection between the SaaS application and Okta and then verify it works. Refer to the SaaS application's Help documentation for instructions.

Before you begin, download the Postman app. You will need this app (or a similar app) to add the SSO ACS URL override described in this document.