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Netskope Security Cloud Features

SaaS, IaaS, Web Discovery, and Risk Assessment



Customizable Dashboard

A customizable view of all SaaS, IaaS, and web, activities, users, and devices. Granular enough to differentiate between instances of the same SaaS or IaaS service.

Netskope Cloud Confidence Index (CCI)

The enterprise-readiness of SaaS and IaaS services based on 50+ criteria like security, auditability, and business continuity. Serves as a guidepost to mitigate risk, influence usage and reduce costs.

Forensic analysis

Deep visibility to understand user activities in SaaS, IaaS, and web. Drill down into granular details including identity, device, browser, time, location, activity (e.g., ‘share’), content, and more for a full audit trail.

Ad hoc queries and dynamic reports

Perform ad-hoc queries for on-demand analytics and reports, save queries as custom search results, or generate detailed custom reports using natural language inputs and Boolean operators.

Granular Visibility and Control of SaaS, IaaS, and Web



Netskope Cloud XD™

Netskope Cloud XD understands all inputs in extreme definition (XD) and performs big data analytics to eliminate blind spots and make policy enforcement simple across all SaaS, IaaS, and web.

Real-time policies for all SaaS, IaaS, and web

Security and access policies in context (e.g., service, activity, device). Policies can block, alert, bypass, encrypt, quarantine, and coach. Works with web and managed and unmanaged SaaS and IaaS services.

Unified policies for SaaS, IaaS, and web security

Simplify deployment and ongoing management by orchestrating all SaaS, IaaS, and web policies from one interface.

Web classification and content filtering

Govern web use with comprehensive web classification and content filtering. Best-in-class URL database covers 99.9% of the web, intelligence that comes from a dedicated in-house web and cloud application research team, and machine learning-based content analysis for classification of uncategorized URLs.

User and remediation workflows

Use built-in workflows such as quarantine, legal hold, and user coaching with custom messages. Workflows are specific to policies and capabilities, like automatic tombstoning of malware.

Encryption and Tokenization



Encrypt structured data

Encrypt structured data at rest or in real time in managed services through native format-preserving encryption w/ AES-256 encryption and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified KMS and the option of using your on-prem HSM.

Encrypt structured data via BYOK

Leverage pre-built integrations with CSP’s bring your own key (BYOK) capabilities with AES-256 encryption and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified KMS and the option of using your on-premises HSM.

Encrypt unstructured data

Encrypt unstructured data at rest in managed services or in real-time activities with AES-256 encryption and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3-certified KMS and the option of using your on-premises HSM.

Award-Winning DLP



Reduce false positives

Prevent data leakage from SaaS, IaaS, and web with accuracy and precision. Supports more than 1,000 file types, more than 3,000 data identifiers, proximity analysis, fingerprinting, exact match, OCR, and more, instrumented using a flexible and intuitive wizard-style interface.

Find and control sensitive data at rest

Find sensitive data resident in managed services such as AWS, Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Take action on data that violates policy.

Closed-loop incident management

Respond quickly and thoroughly to policy violations, with workflows to facilitate end-to-end incident management process, detailed forensics, and event-by-event incident history.

Compliance templates

Use 40 predefined policy templates to identify sensitive data in accordance with regulations. Templates include (but are not limited to): AMRA, EC Directive, EU-GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, PHI, PII, PHIPA, PIPEDA, SSN Confidentiality Act, US FTC Rules, etc.

Role-based access controls

Customizable role-based access controls, including predefined admin. and analyst roles. Additional privacy controls include data obfuscation and automatic filtering of certain kinds of traffic.

Threat Protection



Threat intelligence for malicious sites

Use 40 threat intelligence feeds to identify malicious sites that your employees may be visiting and block them. Threat intelligence is updated dynamically using multiple sources.

Anomaly detection

Identify and remediate anomalous user behavior such as compromised credentials, data exfiltration, insider threats, privileged account access abuse, and more.

Cloud malware protection and remediation

Detect and block or quarantine infected files and replace with tombstone files. Remediation options include blocking and quarantining as well as analysis and response workflows. Layered detection approach includes static and heuristic analysis, machine learning, and sandboxing.

Architectural Advantage



All-mode architecture

Supports all near real-time and real time modes. Industry’s only visibility and control for web as well as managed and unmanaged SaaS and IaaS. Modes are often deployed simultaneously to cover key use cases.

Cloud-scale infrastructure

Unlike traditional security tools limited by the compute, storage, and I/O available in a physical appliance, the Netskope platform, built upon the NewEdge network infrastructure, provides virtually infinite resources combined with high-performance and scalability.

Supported Integrations



Productivity Suites

Microsoft, Google, Box

Cloud Storage

Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, Intralinks

Single Sign-on (SSO)

Ping Identity, Centrify, Okta, OneLogin, Microsoft, SecureAuth

Enterprise Mobility Management

AirWatch by VMware, Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, MobileIron

Data Classification and IRM

Boldon James, Box, Microsoft, TITUS, Vera

Security and Threat

Carbon Black, Cyphort, FireEye, Juniper. For more general integration capabilities, Netskope supports STIX/TAXII standards.

On-premises DLP

McAfee DLP Prevent, Symantec Network Prevent DLP, and Forcepoint (Websense) TRITON AP Data


Utilize your existing investment in enterprise tools like firewalls and proxies, SIEM, directories, and more as part of an integrated cloud security solution. Netskope also offers a REST API for general use.


Amazon Web Services, Demisto, Exabeam, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, ServiceNow, Slack, Salesforce, Splunk, Sumo Logic, Workplace by Facebook