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Netskope SSO with ADFS

Netskope SSO integration allows organizations to use an Identity Provider (IdP) for authentication and authorization purpose. Strong authentication mechanisms like multi-factor authentication, etc., may be used by the organization with their IdP. This results in a stronger authentication before an administrator can get access to the Netskope UI.

Integrating Netskope SSO with ADFS includes these steps:

  1. Configure new AD groups or use existing groups based on the administrator role they will be mapped to in the Netskope UI. There will be a one-to-one mapping between the AD group and the Netskope administration role. Ensure administrators are assigned to only one of the designated AD groups being used.

  2. Add a new relying party trust in ADFS for the Netskope admin console and configure a claim issuance policy in ADFS. There are two methods for this, Configure ADFS for Netskope SSO using the Metadata File or Configure ADFS for Netskope SSO Manually. Using the metadata file is recommended.

  3. Configure the Admin SSO feature using the Netskope UI. This configuration guide uses ADFS as the identity and single sign on provider.