Netskope Help

Netskope SSO with Azure AD

Netskope integrates with multiple third-party applications to provide a wide range of solutions. You can configure single sign-on (SSO) on the Netskope tenant to connect to these applications with or without authentication. Using the SSO Enabled flag in the Netskope tenant, you can set up forced authentication when connecting to third-party applications. For more information on the SSO settings page of the Netskope tenant, see SSO Settings.

Netskope uses SAML-based SSO which is configured through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


The Netskope tenant and the third-party application must both be configured for SSO on the same Azure account.


To set up SSO you need the following:

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory subscription that supports Enterprise Applications

  • Netskope tenant account

  • An Azure Active directory user with which to test the functionality

Configuring SSO

The setup requires the following steps.