Netskope Help

Netskope Tenants

To leverage the primary modules to work with Netskope, you need to create a Netskope tenant in CE. Configured Netskope tenants are displayed on the Netskope Tenants page, and Admins can edit and delete configured tenants.

  1. Go to Settings and click Netskope Tenants. A list of configured Netskope tenants are displayed. There are Edit and Delete icons for each tenant in the Action column.

  2. Click Add Tenant.

  3. Enter these parameters.




    Netskope tenant configuration name.

    Tenant Name

    Netskope tenant name.

    API Token

    API token to authenticate the tenant.

    Poll Interval

    Interval to fetch data from source.

    Initial Range

    Number of days to pull the data for initial run.

    System Proxy

    The system proxy configured in the Netskope tenant Settings.

  4. When finished, click Save.